First time visit, what to expect:

First timers to an adult venue may be a little wary and feel uneasy, it could possibly be a step out of your comfort zone. However, at Amsterdam there is no expectation to partake in any activities.  Whether you are coming for a sexy night out or to add some spice to your relationship, we offer a safe, clean venue full of likeminded, beautiful people.  We strive to offer guests a fun and relaxing evening where they can release their inner gods and goddesses. This is a safe place for you to dress as sexy as you like and engage with your partner while you explore each other’s desires, in the sexiest surroundings filled with props and fun things to do.  We offer a fully stocked bar, private areas and private rooms for a sleep over should you prefer to not drive home. Please note that rooms need to be booked in advance as they are limited.